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Shown Above.  Cover of the invitation to the Decommissioning Party for the Patterson.   The invitation was a three panel folder and is the "Inside Invitation" link below.  Have patience this page loads slowly.

From the collection of Robert A. Coburn, Sr.

Shown Below.   Picture taken at the Roosevelt hotel in New York  City at the Decommissioning Pary held for the crew of the USS Patterson .  Pictured below on left is Wayne L. Collins of Devner (11), Colorado and Robert A. Coburn of Haskell, Texas.

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Shown Above.  Photograph of the Decommissioning Party for the Patterson.  Dad is in the far left hand corner of the photograph with the oval around him.   The writing at the bottom right of the photo is

USS Patterson .

Destroyer 392. 

Decommissioning Party 1930-0030.

Hotel Roosevelt  Oct. 23, 1945.

The writing mid bottom left above the table is "Standard   53748. N.Y.", which I presume to be the photography studio and the identifying number for the photograph.

If you open the photograph from the CD, you will be able to enlarge the picture. 



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