USS Patterson DD-392

Officers of the USS Patterson

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Identifications courtesy of ENS J. R. Bruman (Asst. CIC),

Identifications Left to Right:

Top Row:
ENS J. R. Bruman (Asst. CIC)
LT E. T. Child (EXEC)
LT Daines (Doctor)
LTJG Lorish (Gunnery)
LTJG F. N. Crenshaw
LTJG J. P. Kavanagh (Comm)
LTJG Roebuck
ENS Kritzer
LTJG Smith (Supply)
ENS Ostrom
CWO Pennington
Bottom Row
LTJG Jenings (lst Lieut)
LTJG Verner
LCDR H. A. Angelo (Captain)
LTJG Lester (Eng)
LTJG Schroder (Deck)


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Patterson's wardroom, with about half of the ship's officers.   Identifiable are Kavanagh, Daines, Child.

Identification by:  Joe R. Bruman, Asst. CIC Officer

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If you know who these officers are please help identify them.


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If you know who this is please help identify him.


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Night At the Movies

"From screen at prow, toward chairs and benches set up for evening movies when in harbor (probably Saipan.  Officers visible (l-r Kritzer?, Daines, Crenshaw, Verner.  I used to mail pastel crayon sketches to my wife, and one I have shows this scene from the opposite direction."

Identification by:  Joe R. Bruman, Asst. CIC Officer


crew dog.jpg (15227 bytes)

One more picture of some of the crew and officers of the Patterson.  Unfortunately our pit bull got  the picture and tore it in half.  I guess that is appropriate because if you look at the picture closely, the third sailor from the left on the bottom row has a dog in between his feet.




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