By Herbert H. AUSBURN

Poem written 194?

Much has been written, some false and some true'

Bout the breed known as "Stores" to all Navy"Blues

The "left-arm-crow" Storekeepers-"Guys of the keys"

Whom "civies" call "locksmiths" when battin’ the breeze.

These sailors who fight with a pen and a chit,

Whose work often lasts after others have quit,

Who order the chow and get it aboard,

Then see it’s inspected and properly stored.

The same gang who sees that the "eagle flies high"

When the time comes to pay every gob standin’ by.

The boys who must furnish the "gismos" and Gidgets, "

The "Gadgets" and even the common "what-is-its."

Those unhappy "seat-shiners, " who don’t forget

Order and stow all the clothes that you get.

They type up the pay list and Shipment Request.

The chow that they order is only the best.

There isn’t a hell of a lot they don’t do

That isn’t important to all the crew,

For they feed you, and clothe you and pay you off, too.

So stand by the "Stores" and they’ll take care of you!





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