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6 JUNE 1944 TO 17 JANUARY 1945.

6 June to 28 August 1944     Operating with Task Forces 51, 52, 53, 58 and provided air cover, heavy                                                        support and fire  support for the action of the Marianas Islands, including                                                        the following actions:

19 June                                       First Battle of Philippines Sea.

21 August to 3 November     Operating with Fast Carrier Task Forces as part of Group 38.4 including the                                                        following  operations.

31 August to 3 September     Air and surface bombardment against Iwo Jima and  Chiani Jima Islands.

6-8 September                            Air and surface bombardment against Yap Islands.

11-18 September                       Carrier strikes against the Palau Islands in support of amphibious assault.

10-11 October                            Carrier strikes against Okinawa Jima.

11-15 October                            Carrier strikes against Formosa.

17-19 October                            Carrier strikes against Luzon, Philippine Islands.

20-24 October                            Air support for amphibious assault against Leyte and Samar Islands,                                                         Philippine Islands.

25 October                                  Second Battle of Philippine Sea.

26-31 October                            Air support for newly established forces in Central Philippine Islands.

4 November to 2 December   Operating under the tactical command of Commander  Carrier Division 29                                                         with escort  carrier group including the following Operations :

13-22 November                        Providing air cover for convoys enroute between Palau Islands and Leyte                                                          Gulf,   and Philippine Islands.

2-31 December                           Operating with Screen of Task Group 11.12 in Mindanao and Sula Seas                                                         providing air cover and  heavy support for assult invading Mindoro Island                                                         in Central Philippines.

3-17 January 1945                   Operating with Task Group 77.4 in the China Sea providing air cover and                                                         air  support for the forces invading Lingayen Gulf, Luzon Island.


Lieut-Momdr. , USN







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