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Reunion Information contains reunion information for the USS Patterson.

USS Patterson contains color picture of Patterson, commissioning picture of the Officers and crew, picture of the USS Patterson (DD392) and USS Jarvis (DD393) leaving the building dock after christening- 6MAY1937, and information on Bagley Class Destroyer, as well as the Navy definition of a destroyer in 1943,  taken from "THE BLUEJACKET'S MANUAL" 1943 edition.

The Beginning contains "In Service Flag" and Church program  "Presenting A Service Flag to the Church"

Stores Issue shows the list of items to be issued to new sailors and the price.

Thanksgiving contains reprint of "The Hoist" at the US Naval Training Station San Diego November 26, 1943.

Christmas contains the cover and inside of the Christmas Menu December 25th, 1943 at the US Naval Training Station San Diego

Christmas Card Christmas card sent from the USS Patterson

Christmas Card 2 Christmas card sent to my sister.

Letter Home  Letter from dad at end of war.

HMAS Canberra Poem By an Australian sailor,  A. V. Fellors on the sinking of the  H.M.A.S. CANBERRA at the battle of TULAGI.

Lt. Commander Walker  Official Naval Report on Pearl Harbor Attack for the Patterson.

Lt. Commander Heath. Angelo Jr. Lt. Comdr., USNR Commanding Officer picture and operations.

A. Hering  Operations of the USS Patterson (DD392) during the period of 6 June 1944 to 17 January 1945

Joe A. Bruman WAR IN THE PACIFIC, 1945 Contributed by: Joe R. Bruman, Asst. CIC Officer

Press Release Account of the rescue of sailors of the Bismarck Sea which was sunk by Japanese aerial bombs off Iwo Jima.

Haskell Free Press Friday, January 26, 1945 article about war in the Pacific.

Ship History Historical account of the Patterson from the bombing of Pearl Harbor to 11 October 1945.

News Intercept Intercepted message on 10 August 1945 about Japanese surrender

Dad’s Diary Account of day by day activities from November 12, 1943 to October 11, 1945

Stores ADVICE TO ALL HANDS By Herbert H. AUSBURN Poem written 194?

Final 5in Reports It describes what the 5" REPORTS  was,  the history of the USS Patterson onboard newspaper and news from around the world. This and  New York City issue are both dated 11 October 1945, the day the Patterson sailed into New York Harbor.

Luxury Liner cover of the 5in Reports

Finis cover for 5in Reports and news items from around the world.

Manuro cover for 5in Reports and news items from around the world.

Crew List Contains members names of the crew of the Patterson for the month of August 1945.

Crew Pictures Pictures of various identified crew members.

Ship Pictures Various pictures of the Patterson and other ships.

Onboard Pictures of officers of the Patterson. Most are identified.

More Pictures Pictures of initiation into the Shellbacks, burial at sea, rescue at sea and others.

Pictures Aircraft carriers, carrier landing, onboard pictures, transfer between ships, going home.

Going Home Picture of the Patterson with the "Going Home Pendant", 1945 postcard of the Empire State Building, 1945 postcard of Radio City Music Hall..

Decommissioning Pictures of the Decommissioning invitation, picture of  Collins and Dad, and  picture of the Officers and Crew at the  Decommissioning Celebration at the Roosevelt Hotel October 1945

Inside Invitation Picture of the inside of the Decommissioning invitation

The End Newspaper and magazine article about the scrapping of the USS Patterson.

Medals and Awards Contains a description and a picture of the medals that dad was entitled to wear.  Also has a list of the awards that the USS Patterson won.

Links Links to various sites concerning  the US Navy.


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